Conscious content and meaningful media. 
Conscious content / meaningful media are two terms (one in the same) that I guess I’m coining in this context. It’s the concept of creating/consuming content (i.e. anything you read, watch, listen to) that has a higher level of awareness. Conscious content elevates your mentality, as opposed to merely entertaining you, or worse: lowering your frequency.

Raise your vibration

Becoming a high vibrational human takes work. I’m sharing the shortcuts, methods, and best practices that I come across while on my path – learning by doing and leading by example. Rise with me.



Every week or so, I’ll write about a topic that inspires me and that I know a lot about – travel, tech, sustainability, raising consciousness, holistic medicine, nutrition, and life hacks. Get the good stuff straight to your inbox.  Subscribe.



I don’t do it for me, I do it for you – so reach out!
Whether you’re an aspiring content creator, an enlightened entrepreneur, interested in the DN | NR lifestyle, need help with health, need some guidance, or simply want to pick my brain – I’m happy to connect. Reach out.



I write what I want the world to know. Most of my posts aren’t meant to be monetized. That said, when I recommend buying something I consider useful, valuable, and sustainable (not a fan of consumerism) it will be linked using an Amazon Affiliate link, from which I’ll earn a percentage.

But, don’t ask me what that percentage is…because I have no idea. Didn’t even check, because that’s not the point. My purpose is to produce valuable content, but if I make a little money in the process, that means I have more time/energy to work on creating meaningful media, curating conscious content, and sharing life hacks I love. Hope that makes sense to you. Salud.

As my audience grows, I may allow ads on my site. I’ll do my best to make them as relatable as possible.


This is conscious content, as I know it.