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@lifeyasiknowit is the self- proclaimed emblematic love child of yuppie and hippie mentalities. When she’s not busy dreaming up business ventures she’ll probably never actualize, she’s helping others achieve theirs through PR and digital marketing. Special talents include holding back tears while photographing cute weddings, being mediocre at surfing/wakeboarding and reciting the entire One Man Wolfpack speech from The Hangover. So, here’s to a life with Natural and Artificial Flavors, cheers!


St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Class of 2013

University of Central Florida- Advertising & Public Relations, Leadership Studies, 2013-2016


Age: 24

Heritage: Dominican

Hometown: Plantation, Fl. (South Florida)

Languages: English & Spanish


Favorite movies:

Lords of Dogtown

The Devil Wears Prada


Favorite Books:

Into the Wild

To Shake the Sleeping Self

Lord of the Flies

The Great Gatsby

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Hobbies: photog, yoga, surf, wakeboarding, Netflix, TV, more Netflix, reading, sometimes writing