Tips and Reccs

  • Book your flight on Tuesday 6 weeks out. Drive to the airport and purchase at the counter to save $60.
  • Call the rental car company directly, they’ll hook it up for you. Don’t book online. (Get premium insurance-peace of mind is seriously worth it on these roads)
  • Visit local hotspots (Sitios Ticos) Google the destination in the native language of the country you’re visiting and use google translate.
  • Eat at “Sodas” not restaurants (Costa Rica)
  • Gift shop at grocery stores (“puperías”  or “mercados”) and affordable shops with friendly owners. gift ideas: coffee and chocolate!!! honey, funky chips and sweets, head bands, art work, paraphernalia, national beer, candy, jewelry
  • Budget about $150 for unforeseen costs (just in case)

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